RPi with UMTS

RPi with UMTS

    The USB Modems have the bad habit of having 2 hardware modes: The first time they connect to the computer as CD drive to install the necesary drives written already on them and then switch to the second hardware mode, as a modem. As long as they did not installed the drivers they keep on reporting themself as CD drives.  Of course, this make almoust no sense for Linux (I had only exe files on the USB Modem).

    To change this I used modeswitch. The comend lines are not invented by me through a magic spell but found on internet.

 usb_modeswitch -W -s 20 -v 0x19d2 -p 0x2000 -V 0x19d2 -P 0x0031 -m 0x01 -M "55534243f8f993882000000080000a85010101180101010101000000000000"
 usb_modeswitch -W -s 20 -v 0x19d2 -p 0x2000 -V 0x19d2 -P 0x0031 -m 0x01 -M "55534243b0c8dc812000000080000a85010101180101010101000000000000"

    The second step was to use wvdial for making the internet conection. The config file, wvdial.conf, ( for right network provider and my USB modem - O2 + ZTE MF190 - in my case )  made some problems but finaly I've discovered the right one on internet. Lucky, I supose.

    And the third, and last one, to config the interface /etc/networks/interface file to use the modem (PPP0).


   The funnyest thing was that Google reported I conected to my email adress from a Mac with Safary. ( I have not used a VPN or a Agent changing software).

   I can only say...  Apple, how about my Mac ?