Proiecte curente

Motion Sensor over LoRaWan

Here a Simple motion sensor with a Arduino Uno, a LoRaWan Shield and a motion sensor PIR HC Sr-501, solar power supplied. The Module is installed in my "external" garden, situated a few km away from my home (sorry for the "good looking" case :-) )  

Internet Of Bees

The intention of this project is to measure the parameters of a beehive (weight, temperature and humidity), record and upload them on cloud and acces the values from anywhere (home).   The first step was measuring the weight using weight 4 sensors (max 20 Kg/sensor) with sufficient accuracy....

Bluetooth controled Arduino Uno

A clasic example of Bluetooth comunication between Arduino Uno with HC-05 Module and a Laptop using Visual Studio C# code. The example I found used Windows Forms. I adapted this to use Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to be able to run it on Windows Phone.

RPi with UMTS

    The USB Modems have the bad habit of having 2 hardware modes: The first time they connect to the computer as CD drive to install the necesary drives written already on them and then switch to the second hardware mode, as a modem. As long as they did not installed the drivers they...

Reading time from Clock module RTC DS1307 with RPi

    Raspberry Pi does not have its own clock module . It reads time from internet (when has a connection availeble) or provides a "fake clock" trying to approximate the curent time .       Attaching a clock module DS1307 gives the posibility to...

Transmision-Reception with Arduino UNO-Nano

  Using 2 RF modules for transmiting data on short distances (2-3 m) with Arduino...  

Remote plant watering

    Mini-instalation of plant watering with web interface may be controled through WebiOpi from anywhere in the world having a GPRS conection provided. The final Project will have a emergency stop with a water sensor placed on the floor in case of mallfunction. :)