Welcome on my site

       Here you may find a collection of my Raspberry Pi (B+ and 2/3) Projects, a little bit of Arduino and some other electronic stuff.

       I am a selfthought programmer, using C#, Java and some Python, driven by my passion for computers and technology. My sources of inspiration are online courses (Microsoft Virtual Academy, Edx - great admirer of MIT - thank you guys for your wonderwull Math MOOCS, Openhpi, Coursera) , books (spending a lot of my savings on them) and not to forget about youtube (nowdays you may find virtually everything there).


       I my profesional life I work as a 3D Computer Aided Design Software Administrator (sounds more complicated as it is) in shipbuilding industry (as small kid was dreaming to be a sailor).


       I am also a hobby beekeper, I am interested martial arts (fooling around as long as my old bones will allow me), housband and father of two wonderfull doughters.



     Have fun surfing around.